Drain Tracing and Mapping Services

Our drain tracing and mapping services range from simply tracing and locating a buried manhole or pipe run to finding the source of pollution or infiltration within a sewer, to mapping out an entire village or factory site.

Our drainage mapping service involves creating accurate detailed plans of drainage runs, manholes, pipe sizes and materials, flow directions and depths of manholes. This is especially useful if drainage plans have been lost or never even produced.

We have produced hundreds of drainage plans over the years ranging from household drainage to large factories and quite often entire villages where flooding is an issue therefore allowing flood alleviation schemes to be designed based on our accurate findings.

Accurately tracing the line of a sewer is essential prior to building over or close to a pipe run. This is often a requirement to satisfy water authorities who may own the the sewer and they will usually require a structural condition camera survey of the pipe before and after the building work has been carried out.

We offer the completed drainage plan in either a hand drawn format for customers to transfer onto CAD, or a finished CAD version supplying electronic and hard copies of the finished the plan however large or small the site.

Click on the links below for some examples of some of the plans we have created

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